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My Website is Live!

I had been wondering for several years: How difficult would it be to create a website? Is it really necessary? Would I need to update it continuously? Would it just be a distraction to my art? I'll answer the questions in order.

Creating the website was in fact ridiculously easy - and I expect it to only become easier and easier. Using Wix was as self-explanatory as I could have dreamt of, yet left me with the feeling of having near unlimited options for how to present and organize my content. (I still haven't tried to tackle the store option, where I hope to offer material for original compositions and arrangements for sale, maybe this is where I'll run into the big hurdles...) The greatest advice I received was to just get started and not to worry about whether the site was going to come out perfect. I'm experiencing that little tweaks can be done in a matter of minutes and that there's no shame in presenting a product that is "good enough for now" and keep polishing and adding - much like we do with our music.

One aspect of my trepidation and great delay in tackling this project was that most of my colleagues have an "event calendar" or something of the sort on their site. While it might be great to let people know what you're up to, I was worried that for some stretches of time I might either look very lazy (out-of-demand) or put up activities that I don't necessarily think will boost my artistic credibility. Probably a silly concern, but together with the need for constant updates, I've opted out of an'event calendar". And now I'm thinking that I actually have a ton of great concerts coming up for the next few months. Oh well, I'll post them on facebook...

To continue with the update issue: I've set up the website so that I wouldn't really need to update it that often. (Of course, adding a "blog" would probably indicate frequent updates to that particular page - I think I might enjoy that, even though I have my doubts whether anyone might read my musings. I promise they will be more interesting in the future!) Updating the site is – as I mentioned – a quick and painless procedure. I still feel good about having created the type of website where the content doesn't "expire" right away.

To the last question the easy answer is a resounding "Yes". My musical endeavours are meant to be a counterweight to the electronic, digital life that is wreaking havoc on our ability and desire to connect in a simple and deep way. There might be room for some nuance, however: Perhaps I can reach more people, play more concerts, get some commissions or some students as a result of this new web-presence? Also, once I stop writing about this silly topic, maybe a blog can help me focus my thoughts and hone my artistic sensibilities? Stay tuned!


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