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When I was a member of the Esbjerg Ensemble in Denmark, my colleagues asked me if I could conduct a very complicated piece that didn’t have a horn part.  I realized that not only was this something I could do quite well, but also that I really enjoyed this silent participation in music making.


I have since continued to conduct many complex scores as the resident conductor for the ACA-festival (American Composer Association) and, since 2003, as the music director for the Pocket Opera Players of New York.  With the latter organization, I led premieres of three  full-length operas, as well as numerous song-cycles and oratorios. 


My training includes private instruction with the late maestro Jens Nygaard and my philosophy is for the conductor to be a participating musician who allows for the interpretation to grow organically out of the collaboration in rehearsal.


Through my operatic experience, I have developed a special fondness for the art of accompanying.  Below is a link to obtain the DVD of the world premiere performance of John Eaton’s opera “Benjamin Button”.


Karl Kramer Johansen looking good

Not quite conducting, but directing, arranging, writing, casting and stage managing...

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